Water & Wall Group was founded on its principals’ convictions that the communications professional’s role must evolve if clients’ business success is the measure by which our own accomplishments are judged.

We approach communications programming in the manner of a bygone era when business relationships were long term, work was artisan-like, and commitment to success had everything to do with driving clients’ top line growth.

Iconoclasts? Perhaps.
Thinkers? Undeniably.
Passionate? Indisputably.

We’re hands-on. We believe thought precedes tactics. And, we’re client-focused to a fault.

With this operating philosophy we merge today’s advances in communications, providing a best-of-both-worlds paradigm that accrues to the benefit of our clients.

We avoid one-size-fits-all programming. We respect generalist communications firms, but that’s not our model. Our partners are your account executives. And we don’t believe that exceptional results are a function of an hourly billing mindset.


We know what we know. More importantly, we know what we don’t know.

We’re purists. Our focus is the world of financial and corporate communications.

We’ve helped innumerable financial entities build their brands, articulate investment intelligencia, ironclad their reputations, navigate crises, and drive asset flows.

Our roster of clients past and present reads like a “Who’s Who” of financial services. We’re proud of our work, our client longevity, and our results.

We are as careful at selecting our clients as they are at selecting us. If we don’t believe we can help you, we’ll gladly refer you to one of our agency peers. If we don’t think public relations is a good fit for your company, we’ll tell you upfront. And, if we do business together, you can be certain you’ll have our undivided attention, most on-point thinking, and unwavering commitment to your success.

strategy – branding – positioning – message development – media relations – thought leadership – social media management – content strategy and development – digital marketing – crisis communications – editorial services – reputation risk mitigation – internal communications – speaking engagements – design – communications audits


Part art, part science, all business, strategy is the DNA upon which our programs are built.

We’ve been around long enough to recognize that a communications program’s tactical executions are only as good as the strategy in which it’s embedded. And so we’ve spent years developing, testing and modifying a strategic process that transforms a communications blueprint into the cornerstone of our clients’ business success.

Our process is called BrandIntel©. We consider it the communications professionals’ guide to client business success.” BrandIntel compels clients to answer tough questions, reimagine what they’ve already thought about, take things apart and put them together differently, and look at their franchises from the outside in. And it encourages clients to take responsible chances to forge a path to category leadership.


We’ve been proud to represent



Yup, we know what you’re thinking: here’s another boring, straight-out-of-central-casting, “come work with the best team in town and watch your career take off” agency. Before you totally lose interest, indulge us for just a minute. In the nanosecond between dismissing this and moving on with your life, take a quick peek at the benefits we offer our employees.

  • A “no-vacation” policy: That doesn’t mean our colleagues can’t to take vacation; quite the opposite. It means we don’t count the days. The standard two-week vacation policy belongs in the Smithsonian, in the same dusty glass case as limited personal, sick, and carryover days. You work hard, so take some time off. Travel, see the world, visit your family.
  • Healthcare: We pay 100% of your healthcare costs – medical + dental + vision. Bet that has you feeling pretty good right now
  • Summer Fridays: We close the office at 1:30 pm every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There’s no reason you should commute to the Hamptons on a Friday night
  • Transit and phone reimbursement: Yup, we’ll even pick up the costs of your commute, and the texts you’re sending while you travel
  • Immediate participation in our generous 401(k) plan: We want you to have a head-start on building those retirement savings
  • Health club reimbursement: You need to keep healthy so you can enjoy the summer Fridays, our frequent social events, and the weekly lunches we buy (which aren’t always that healthy)
  • New business commission… for the life of the client: Yeah, that’s right!

If you like what you see and want to hear more, give us a shout. We’re always eager to meet the future of Water & Wall.